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Saturday, May 30th, 2020 | Health Care & Medical

Things to Know About the Coronavirus Pandemic

Little did we know that this year starting would eventually take a deep toll. Many countries and cities have suffered greatly due to the tremendous effect the coronavirus has had. Not only has the economy of countries sank deep but also those in that are employees has suffered greatly with the fact that with lockdowns in place, the minimal movement has been restricted bringing about a huge effect to those in jobs. Employers have been forced to lay off their staff leaving behind them in a place of the dilemma as to what to do to meet the usual daily requirements. People who might hear these stories might quite look at it in the employer’s point of view but it is not advisable to be ignorant of the fact that such a decision would leave to make lots of individuals suffer.

While all this is happening, little might be said about the statue of force majeure law. This law is a civil act meant to play in favor of those that are employed in the idea that when a situation arises where no one had the right to know it would neither the means to prevent it, it is important to consider some leniency. Employees are therefore required to enact the force majeure law in the midst of this pandemic as it is a realization that no one should be treated as they are currently. With the increase in the number of reported coronavirus cases, most governments have been forced to close down all academic institutions in the world.

Their those that were to sit for their national exams but with this pandemic in play, such plans have bee forced to put to a halt as no one seems to be sure when all this would be back to what it was before. When it comes to educational studies, not all hope is lost, by understanding the force majeure law, it is possible to realize that there is a role the government has to play to ensure that all children in school receive educational studies. When we talk about the coronavirus pandemic, it is important to take note that even the field of medicine has taken a huge hit. Those that might be seeking medical care for other illnesses are now being looked down upon as to having the coronavirus.

While this pandemic might take some time to heal, it is advisable to particular seek to enact the force majeure law that would help millions of people gain access to some of their rights they had before. When we talk about the coronavirus pandemic, it is advisable to take note that another effect that has happened as a result of it is the fact that people are restricted to their homes affecting the transport system. One should be smart therefore to get an understanding of the force majeure law.

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