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Stress Relief That Instantly Work

Friday, May 15th, 2020 | Free Classified

Stress, we all have it and how we handle it can make all the difference. Stress management can be a powerful tool for our wellness.

Stress can affect your physical and mental health. Sometimes it is very difficult to control your stress. You feel overwhelmed, you are too exhausted to face the world, you are on the edge and struggle in situations that are not in your control.

You would not let this happen to you, you just have to deal with it. Your sanity is precious. Your peace of mind is everything.

Remember self-care is a priority, not a selfish thing. Sometimes we prioritize things more than ourselves.

Since too much stress is bad for you. The good news is that if you learn to manage it, you can be even more productive. There are many ways that can help you to cope with it.

Better later than never! Let’s get mentally healthy
Stress Management: Six Tips To Prevent & Relief Stress


Stress – Management

Living a sedentary lifestyle is not good for your mental health and can be a key reason for stress and anxiety. Your mind and body need some movement to stay healthy and feel happy.

The best way to get rid of stress and depressing thoughts is to enjoy a walk to calm your mind.

Stanford University researchers discovered that people are much creative when they are walking ad compared to when they sitting still.
Going out for a walk helps to clear your mind from thoughts and helps to cheer your mood.

The very best thing for your stress relief is to get outdoors and have a good walk. Walk yourself out of your bad mood. Walking briskly can help you build stamina, burn excess fat, increase muscle strength, flexibility and reduce anxiety and depression.

Studies show that even 10 minutes walk instantly boosts the brain to increase happiness. The benefits of walking for health are enormous. If you want to enjoy a healthy, stress-free life make walking your regular habit.
Listening To Music

Stress – Management

An interesting way to reduce stress and feel good is to listen to music.

Do you know that listening to music benefits your mental health? A finding of a large scale review of 400 research papers in the neurochemistry of music found that music can reduce stress significantly. It causes the brain to release dopamine, a feel-good chemical. It can boost your mood by stimulating feel-good hormones.

Whenever you feel down with stress, make a playlist of cheery songs to lift your mood.

Songs make you feel nostalgic by recalling how we were feeling when we heard it last. Make a playlist of the songs that you used to listen in your school and college days which will trigger memories of that pleasant and carefree time.

Mellow music can soothe stress by lowering the production of stress hormones.

Research published in Nature Neuroscience, suggests that when we listen to music, the experience can be so pleasurable that even the thought of listening to music can cause a release of dopamine which helps to make us feel good and relaxed.

Stress – Management

Breathing has the absolute ability to transform the body and mind and is a great way to reduce stress.

Whenever you feel stressed, researches have shown that breathing deeply can help to combat the effects of stress. It also ensures better sleep and reduces anxiety.

Take a slow inhale on count 5

and a slow inhale on a count 5

breathe into &through and focus on it while you breathe in and out.

Take a moment and notice how you feel. It makes you feel relaxed instantly.

Simple yet effective. The best thing is it can be practiced anytime and anywhere.

The beautiful thing about breathing is that it frees us from our stress and the emotional baggage we lug around through life.

Train yourself to watch your thoughts and when a stressful thought comes to mind, stop, take a deep breath and just let it go.
Reading Books


Another good tip for stress relief is reading books. Reading can reduce stress. According to a study conducted by the University of Sussex in the UK, reading can reduce stress levels by as much as 68 percent even more than listening to music or going for a walk.

Reading is a great escape from the stress and worries of daily life. It is like taking your mind on vocation from real-life and delve into something delightful. Reading fiction books can transport you into another world.

You can also read books on issues that are causing problems and stress in your life and get tips and ideas about how to deal with them. Reading biographies can help you to get insight into how many challenges great people had to face in their lives, how they overcome them and how you can also go through tough times with resolve.

Whenever you feel stressed and overwhelmed, pick up a self-help book and dive into it to find inspiration.

Reduce your screen time and take a break from social media, curl up with a book to let yourself be consumed. Let your imagination run wild and give your mind a necessary break.
Eat Healthy Food

Stress – Management

Nutrition has a huge impact not only on your physical health but also on your mental wellbeing. Therefore, it is highly important to eat a healthy rich diet.

Eating a wide variety of fresh foods ensures your body is getting the nutrients it needs. Go for fresh colorful foods like fruits and vegetables. Eat plenty of nuts, beans, and leafy veggies.

As we age our body needs more calcium, proteins, iron and the other nutrients.

Consume less junk food and avoid alcohol, copious amounts of coffee, canned soups, wheat bran, and processed juices.

Eat more oats, nuts, soya bean broccoli, cabbage, red peppers, eggs, yogurt. These foods help in stress relief.

Avoid coffee and prefer herbal tea.

Avocados are packed with potassium and magnesium immunity also boosts your immunity.

Eat a balanced diet to maintain your mental health and fight with stress.
Be more expressive

Stress – Management

Expressing Your feelings is a great way to reduce mental stress. Most of the time we are suffering from stress because we hide our feelings and don’t express them.

Be vocal. Don’t let your emotions bottled up inside. Be expressive and let others know how you are feeling.

Talk to Your friends, engage in healthy conversation and seek their advice on important matters.

Writing your thoughts on paper is also a good way to take the pressure off your mind. Write about your feelings and transfer them from your mind to paper. You will feel more relaxed and invigorated.

Think less and do more.

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