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Try The 8 Minute Exercise Program

Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 | Free Classified

Fed up with strenuous, boring fitness regimens? Try the 8 minute exercise program!

Our doctors invariably question us at each visit, on whether we exercise regularly. Of course we do. Not. While we know this is a sound admonition, so many of us find it to be a pain in the you-know-where! Who’s got the time to fit a rigorous program of exercise into our already busy schedules? Frankly, I don’t find it particularly appealing to jump in the car and head for the gym after work. It just seems like more work! It’s not even interesting.

Let’s face it, we can find excuses by the dozen to avoid strenuous exercise programs. It must take a special kind of person. On the other hand, almost anyone can have their cake and eat it too, with the absolutely marvelous 8 minute exercise programs. It takes my coffee maker 8 minutes to brew up a batch of Joe! In that little interlude, it’s easy enough to do your body some good while you’re waiting.

The 8 minute exercise program works for everybody. Who can’t find several such mini breaks in a day, no matter how busy their schedule might be? Squeezing just four such exercise slots into each day – 5 days a week – and you’ve fulfilled your doctor’s wishes for a regular program of exercise that keeps you fit and healthy. Let’s see just how easy it can be!

When you wake up, a good first 8 minute exercise choice is stretching. Set the egg timer and stand up. Do ten touch-your-toes stretches, raising your hands above your head and slowly forcing them down to your toes. If you can, try to place your palms on the floor. Now, again standing, with arms extended out to your sides, do ten side to side stretches. Now that you’ve got the blood moving, do ten leg bends, crouching to your knees and back up again. Follow up with ten round and round rotations of the neck, in a circular motion. Reverse direction. Hey, you’re done!

On your morning break, walk up the stairs, cross the building and take the other stairs down. If your workplace has no stairs, take a brisk 8 minute exercise walk-around. Grab a piece of fruit to eat at your desk. Round two finished.

If your lunch hour is an hour, sacrifice 8 minutes of that time to round three of your 8 minute exercise program. Take a walk around the parking lot, or do an impromptu weight lifting session with a reasonably heavy book balanced on each palm. Go eat lunch!

Now you can make your last 8 minute exercise workout really painless. Have you got some errands to run after work? A little grocery stop at the Super Store with the gigantic parking lot? Park your car as far away from the store’s door as you can get. It’s then easy to find a parking spot! Get yourself inside at the briskest pace you can muster. Move quickly through the store to pick up the needed items. (You get a break while standing in the checkout.) Now, hustle yourself back to your car and get home to a delightful bath.

Congratulations! You’ve managed to fit 32 minutes of legitimate exercise into your busy day, with no waste of time! Come Saturday, you’re on 8 minute exercise vacation, having gained all of those wonderful health benefits. Which only goes to show, there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Oh, I didn’t really mean that!


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